Presenting Dopplr with Auto ML
and a complete overhaul of UI design!

This latest upgrade of Dopplr unlocks the promise of delivering advanced analytics at speed!

The combination of intuitive UI design and no-code ML interface is a testament to our product vision of “Business + Data + Technology”. The new features are designed with customer at the center stage and will simplify AI/ML model execution to drastically shorten time to value

New UI Design


Brand New Viz Engine

With D2022.1 Dopplr™ gets a completely new visualization engine which is more powerful and supports 50+ types of charting options. Dashboards can now be made to refresh source data with as low as 10 sec frequency Option to standardize KPIs/ Metrics at dataset level and share reports(charts)/dashboard is now very intuitive and can be done via click of a button.


AutoML replaces Dopplr™ Insights:

With D2022.1 Dopplr™ introduces Automates Machine Learning feature and replaces its previous Insights feature. This no-code ML interface is designed for business analysts/ users to use the power of ML/AI on their dataset within Dopplr™. Users will require to define their business objectives and ML processes like (data pre-processing, Feature Engineering, Model execution, model optimization) are done automatically for the given dataset and users’ will be presented with results of several AI/ML models execution and their corresponding accuracy and related parameters. Results also feature deep model performance parameters for data scientists to understand the overall model performance and compare the results.

Dopplr™ deployment on managed kubernetes

Dopplr™ D2022.1 now has option to be deployed on managed Kubernetes (AWS/Azure). With Kubernetes deployment now Dopplr™ gets auto platform scaling, high availability, optimized resources usages, extensive logging and many more.

Support of dropping dataset only to data lake

Dopplr™ D2022.1 also enables a feature to drop file only to the user’s workspace and push to analytical data store on demand. This will help users to select which dataset that they need for reporting/Dashboarding, and which one is needed only for AI/ML projects.

Cloud Platform

Built on the Cloud Provider of Your Choice


Expert Teams to Help At Every Step of the Journey

Meet your Dopplr™ PRO “Squad” – a dedicated team of solution architects, engineers, analysts, data scientists, developers, and project managers, available 24/7/365 to proactively help you manage your data infrastructure and ensure your analytics pipelines are working in excellent condition.
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